The Great Picture

By Samuel Tulley

The Great Picture was from 1646. I liked it because it is a family picture and instruments are in there. I don’t like it because they are not happy. The woman is about 7 or 8 in the first part and in the second part she is 54. The middle one are her brothers and her mum and dad. Did you know they had to take a window out to get it in. The picture is a triptych.


The Great Picture

By Connor Lees

Did you know that this picture is from 1646? I like the painting because the family is together. I like the Great Picture because it has lots of musical instruments in it. I didn’t like the bugs on the collar. The painting was first in a castle. Did you know that the Great Picture is a triptych? They look happy but not having fun. I don’t like it because the lady looks 92 but is 54. Did you know they had to take a window out to get the painting in the gallery.

The Great Picture

By Jessica Cairns

This picture was created in 1646. It’s called the Great Picture because is is massive. I like this picture because of its size. The doors weren’t big enough so they had to take out a window and put the picture through. This picture is the biggest triptych. I don’t like this picture because it has dull colours.