Art Camp Day Two

IMG_3183 IMG_3184

Day Two began with two of the young artists bringing work and special things in from home to share, and then we all got busy working with thicker wire to create the feeling of flowing, curving, pushing, pulling and spiralling shapes.


These were then attached to the central spiral, at the centre of which we placed a roll of white paper to create lovely shadows. The kinetic curves shifted slightly with our movements in the space!


This became a focus for drawing with paint, working on long lengths of paper exploring mark making with bristles and wood. The heavy rain helped us think about marks that expressed a feeling about the weather!

IMG_3207 IMG_3209 IMG_3213 IMG_3214

Most of the paint even stayed on the paper!


Remembering the inspiration of St Ives, includingTerry Frost’s bobbing boats and Alfred Wallace’s ships in the harbour, we created origami boats using brightly coloured paper and even more brightly coloured vinyl sails.




Serious concentration required! Meanwhile Julian installed a beautiful wooden mooring mast, found as driftwood, in the centre of the spiral hanging. This helped reinforce the idea of the landscape or seascape – and the group attached their boats to the undulating wires surrounding it.

IMG_3270 IMG_3271  IMG_3302 IMG_3366

Finally this afternoon, we selected fragments of driftwood to begin individual constructions. As we left the studio today, the central spiral was surrounded by beautiful organic shapes.




And the pile of driftwood has almost disappeared! Another great day!



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