Art Camp Day ONE

IMG_3119 IMG_3121

Art Camp began today inspired by the work of Julian Longcake, an artist who trained at Falmouth in Cornwall who has a love of St Ives and the artists associated with it. His current work utilises a combination of found materials to create fantastic forms and creatures. Alice is looking at us through Julian’s unique magnifying glass!



Julian uses all sorts of things to make extraordinary butterflies and scorpions and insects, including old spectacles, broken jewellery and driftwood.


Into the gallery (via Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture draped with driftwood!) to look at Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Bryan Wynter’s work and explore ideas to do with flight, new perspectives, light, colour and weather. Multi coloured windmills helped us create some weather in the gallery!

Lots of drawing in the gallery and then lunch, followed by some creative play using our bodies to create sculptural shapes inspired by the flow of lines and shapes in Bryan Wynter’s work

IMG_3158 IMG_3160 IMG_3161  IMG_3163

The last sculpture reminded us of Peter Lanyon’s Porthlevin painting, the vertical movement upwards to the tower in the harbour.


Back into the gallery to finish drawings….


Then over to the LAB studio to work on the creation of individual lengths of wire trapping and threaded with found objects. These were hung onto wire ready for assembly tomorrow.


It was lovely to see the wires dancing in the breeze creating great shadows on the wall behind. A new word – kinetic! A really inspired Day One – looking forward to tomorrow!


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