Art on Tour at Heversham Primary School


At Heversham Primary School, the whole school spent a day responding to the painting in different ways using drawing, painting, printmaking, felt making and construction techniques. They created a beautiful installation celebrating Morecambe Bay which was proudly shared with parents and members of the local community at the end of their day.

Younger children created a huge map of the bay with ink, suggesting a coastline using footprints and handprints dipped into clay. They used wellington boots as the basis for sculptures celebrating the natural landscape which were then placed at the edge of the bay.




An umbrella became the structure for the sky above the bay over which flies a whole range of bird life, drawn in wonderful detail by older children who also each created a felt peice with a needle felted bird motif applied on top. Tracings of their drawings applied to the tissued structure of the umbrella created a beautiful transparent sense of the sky. And below the sky hung all the felt pieces with needle felted birds – a lovely response to the painting.


The day ended with an assembly to which parents, members of the local community and school governers attended, where we all reflected on how the installation had been inspired by Keith Grant’s painting.

Author: amquinn2014

Learning and Engagement, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

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