Art on Tour 2015

Lakeland Arts has been taking the painting, ‘Svolvaer Motif’ by Keith Grant to locations around Morecambe Bay this summer, celebrating the painting as well as the vast natural environment that defines South Lakes. From Barrow, to Grange over Sands, to Heversham and Heysham, communities in schools, libraries and nursing homes have engaged with the painting in a range of different ways. svolvaer

Keith Grant’s paintings communicate his enthusiasm for the wildness of northern landscapes. He sees an austere beauty, experiencing the landscape as a powerful mix of elements, fragile, delicate and transient, yet forceful and eruptive. He is fascinated by the sense that life on our planet endures in spite of the cataclysmic events that overwhelm. Keith Grant created this painting whilst living in a ‘fiskener’, a wooden platform above the sea with holes in the floor from which he caught fish to eat. Muted tones of browns, blues, greens and greys create a stormy atmospheric quality, a cliff side with a brooding overcast sky. The single image of a bird’s silhouette flies across the image from the left. This ‘lone forager’ is perhaps a symbol of his own personal experience of surviving in a lonely and apparently inhospitable environment.


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