‘In The Moment’ exhibiting at and visiting The Wordsworth Trust

Anne-Marie, Harriet (complete with crutches!) and the In the Moment group spent last week’s session at the Wordsworth Trust, experiencing the stunning exhibition of artwork and poetry produced by the group over recent months. Established nearly two years ago, this creative group has evolved and grown and continues to share very special creative moments together. Their enjoyment, the outcomes in the form of spoken and written language and a range of artistic experiences, contribute to an atmosphere that has a tremendous impact on feelings of wellbeing.

John and Mandy photograph their workPat and Nita look at photographs of the group at work

Our meetings begin with a poetry reading and continue with creative artwork, often based around a theme. What makes each session work so well is the possibility for each participant to follow their own pace and do what they enjoy, and this is possible thanks to the involvement of volunteers and the ratio of facilitators to participants. One person may write a poem while another is painting, and another is stitching or felting. Frequently, two or more people work on a piece together. Each person is present within the moment, enjoying the pleasure of being creative and sharing delight in the finished pieces.


During our afternoon in Grasmere, members of the group also had the opportunity to explore Dove Cottage. Martin felt very at home sat by the fire, and Dorothy enjoyed the garden. John added his thoughts to our weekly In the Moment journal, developing in the spirit of Dorothy Wordsworth. And we write it with a quill!



In the Moment is a partnership between The Wordsworth Trust and Lakeland Arts. Wordsworth, his poetry, the poetry of many other poets and the collections at Abbot Hall inspire every session. The creative art work has been led and supported by artists Donna Campbell, Sue Gilmartin and Emma Lowe and a team of wonderful volunteers.

Dementia is gradually becoming better understood. One of the changes for many people with the condition is the emergence of a greater potential for creativity and it is a pleasure to nurture this and witness the stunning work that can arise.

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Learning and Engagement, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

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