Last week, we met with learning teams across the North to see what they were up to. First stop was Tullie House, where ‘ARTIST ROOMS Anselm Kiefer’ is on display until June 7, 2015. The exhibition, which explores identity in post-war Germany, has been popular with school groups. We chatted with their Learning Officer and met an artist who runs student-workshops inspired by Keifer’s work.

Next up was Newcastle, where we met with Sue Coles and Equal Arts at the Baltic. Sue is a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration for arts education in the North East, and now across the country. So we picked her brains before discussing ‘My Creative Challenge’ with Douglas and Alice of EA. Exciting times and partnerships ahead for Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Blackwell.

Newcastle is also the home of Seven Stories National Centre for Children’s Books. We spent an entire afternoon touring their exhibitions and learning about their programmes and research projects. The exhibits, which feature original book illustrations from their archive, are designed for young families and enjoyed by all. We missed story time, but did a bit of light reading in their bookshop.

At Beamish The Living Museum of the North, we were transported back in time and got a behind-the-scenes tour of their mammoth collections storage area. Their immersive school programmes teach children about history by putting them to work in the gardens and the mines. Programmes for older students tackle tough issues like teenage pregnancy and substance abuse. Their most popular workshop is a Victorian lesson in an old classroom – which they offer in both French and English.

We came away with lots of ideas for future programs and exhibitions!

A big thank you to all our hosts!

Follow them all on Twitter:
@lakelandarts @TullieHouse @theartcriminal @equal_arts @7Stories @Beamish_Museum

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