Tom Philipson, on breathing, thinking and telling lies…

Another great session on the Hothouse program. Today’s session was held at the Craft and Design Centre in Manchester’s northern quarter. A Victorian fish market lovingly converted into studios with a great cafe, and an exhibition space which will be showcasing all the North cohorts work in September.

The morning session was spent with Mark Sinker, freelance sub-editor, Crafts magazine. Mark spoke to us about writing Artists statements, and kindly went through all our statements with us personally . This was incredibly useful, especially for the literacy challenged like myself!

The afternoon was a bit more scary…  but only to start with…
Dan Goode, talent spotter and actor, had us, standing up, sitting down, talking about ourselves, talking about our peers, taking our shoes off, lying down, breathing, thinking, telling lies and by the end laughing our heads off.
A great session about conquering and understanding the fears of public speaking.

So thanks again Crafts Council.
It’s off to London next to meet up with all the other cohorts on the program and have our photos taken.

Tom Philipson


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