More from Tom… ‘Designing your future’

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Days 2 and 3 were held at Marketplace Studios, part of Manchester School of Art in Stockport’s old town, a surprisingly beautiful little enclave nestled within the urban sprawl.

Day one was all about ‘Designing your future, Putting ideas into action’, and ‘The business of you’. We were treated to some excellent talks from established makers, Claire Norcross (lighting), and Amy Hughes (Ceramics). This was so useful, it was great to hear about their journeys that got them to where they are now.
I took away many useful tools and ideas that I will hopefully incorporate into my own practice, but mainly I learnt the value of looking further than the end of my nose.. “or further than the end of my chisels.” Which I tend not to do.

Day Two was Business Modelling, (a day jam packed full of information.) We kicked off with each of us giving a short presentation about an established maker and why their craft business inspired us. I talked about the engraver and silversmith Malcolm Appleby. Again I was totally out of my comfort zone with the public speaking, but learnt some very useful tools for dealing with the nerves and all that, and I physically shook allot less than last time, so I think I could be improving!

We then had sessions with Katy Drake on financial tools and responsibilities and Pete Mosley on business modelling. Thinking about tax, finance and things like business models is something that I have spent the majority of my life avoiding like the plague. I have always imagined that they were things that actually got in the way of experimentation and the ability to create things freely without constraint for a maker. Things that would force me out of my workshop and take up too much of my time.  But just through these sessions I have started to realize that all those scary words I have been avoiding and ignoring are in reality just other words for ” Getting What I Want”. and that through a better understanding of these issues I will have more time and resources to be able to be even more experimental and practiced in my work.
But i think I might still have to employ the services of an accountant though, ” Any bracket fungus loving accountants into swapsies out there.”

So once again, Thanks to The Crafts Council for a enlightening and productive couple of days.

Next stop  ” Presenting Yourself ” at Manchester Craft and Design Center.
(Might even buy a new shirt – from a charity shop of course – No point getting ahead of myself yet.)

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