Following in the Footsteps of Joseph Hardman: Day FOUR


Day Four and a bringing together day beginning with a PowerPoint of the three days of photographs which was a wonderfully vivid returning to as well as celebrating of the experience. Lots of laughter, shared recollections, shared enjoyment. Reliving anecdotes. Returning to songs and poems and moments. I introduced James who showed the group Hardman’s beautiful old camera, regaling the group with stories of some of Hardman’s adventures including being chased by bulls where Mrs Hardman lost the contents of her handbag and another occasion where he lost his camera to the water at Skelwith Bridge. James explained about seeing the image through the viewfinder upside down and we all felt much better about our ipad technique! He also shared one of the glass plate ‘negatives’. And then I showed the group Ruth and Vic’s map of memories and explained how it has been made, showed them the inked surfaces and we reflected on how map-like they are, how the ink suggests mountains and lakes, and an atmospheric sense of being in the landscape.



Words of poetry and songs were also available for them to collage with – and recipes to rekindle memories of afternoon tea! Vic and Ruth had brought their recipes for Tea Bread and Apricot Butter Cake, and they had selected songs by Elvis Presley, and so the words to Love Me Tender and Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, as well as That’s Amore that we sung on Day One, were collaged onto their map. The task for each member of the group was to select their inked ‘map’ and then transform it into a map of their moments, using a combination of photographs taken during the project and those taken by Joseph Hardman, along with selected songs, poems and recipes.



This was done with relish! And to add to the special atmosphere of the afternoon, the songs inspired singing – with impromptu renditions throughout the afternoon. We used the inks to make lovely stained papers that they would use to make a wallet to keep their map together.


Afternoon tea came in the form of a huge home-made carrot cake to celebrate mine and Annette’s birthdays!


Author: amquinn2014

Learning and Engagement, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

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