Following in the Footsteps of Joseph Hardman: Day FIVE


Bonus day FIVE! The BBC were interested in featuring the project in a programme about dementia and their filming schedule effectively gave us an extra day. And so Day Five saw us revisiting our explorations of our beautiful local landscape and sharing the whole experience again, this time with Fiona Phillips who seemed delighted to share it with us. We were also joined by Delia, who really enjoyed seeing the group again and loved the journey we had all experienced. Poetry and song had been continuously present, and a line of poetry often featured – ‘what is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare….’Annette read out the poem by W.H. Davies with such expression and feeling – it was a wonderful moment.


Practical activity continued with the film crew present. Joyce used her shorthand skills to turn words that described her experiences of lovely days into lovely calligraphic shapes amongst her photographs and songs. A rendition of Some Enchanted Evening filled the room at one point. And the regular mix of laughter, engagement, enjoyment.


We were all really affected by the project and felt that we had been involved in something very special. Jack reflected on the insights he had developed about people with dementia and their carers being involved in something so positive together, and how pleasurable that is. There will be another session to complete the lovely inked wallets and to give some time to gather feedback for evaluation. The group felt a little bereft as we said goodbye, and we will definitely make a real effort to meet to watch the programme together when it is broadcast on 13 October.


nside Out BBC1 on 13 October….watch this space!





Author: amquinn2014

Learning and Engagement, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal

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