Art on Tour: Putting Ourselves in the Picture IV

We were back out on tour with Candle at a Window on Monday. We took Winifred Nicholson’s painting up to the Hut at Brampton, close to where she lived for most of her life at Banks Head. We were privileged to be joined on this stop on the tour by Winifred Nicholson’s granddaughter Raphael Appleby and poet Harriet Fraser.


Raphael and Harriet spent the first few hours of the day inspiring 10 to 11 year olds from 6 local schools. Each of the children are working towards Arts Award qualifications.


Winifred Nicholson had a long and close friendship with poet Kathleen Raine and the children worked together, like painter and poet, to create a poem and a painting inspired by Candle at a Window.


We were then joined by an after school arts club in which the children created a range of responses to the work.


In the evening, a number of people called into our drop in session to have a close look at the work and contribute to our rag rug.


We ended the day with a great discussion, led by Raphael, with a local adult art group. Raphael talked about her grandmother’s work, her memories of her grandmother and Candle at a Window.


We’re looking forward to our last tour date at the Dock Museum, Barrow.


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