Wifi? Check? Oh!

For an organisation relatively new to blogging we have learnt a lot in a small time. The first thing we have learnt, is that if you are going to do a live online blog during an event, first check to see if there is a wifi connection.

Sadly this was not the case on Saturday night as we invited the chattering Estelle Lovatt (follow her on twitter please @EstelleLovatt) to get chatting about Chadwick. The concept seemed simple enough, ply people with wine and get them talking about the exhibition, the scupltor and art in general. The more difficult thing was clearly making sure there was wifi. So the blog wasn’t ‘live’, but how many people were tuning in anyway as Denmark stole the Eurovision crown from across the water? Not many I imagine.

The following blog entries are a window into Saturday nights discussion seen through the eyes of a very tired Head of Learning ….

Getting pies and performances sorted …

There’s a lote more to making a Museums at Night event than MEATS the eye. For this years sacrificial offering to the Museums at Night god is a Victorian Vendor performance in our museum, affectionately called ‘Molli’.

We have our vendor in place (a fantastical chef come puppet), but there’s no victorian food yet. A quick survey of Victorian knowledge amongst the catering team and a request to their understanding of Victorian food comes back with a mind boogling suggestion which opens with ‘Have you seen Heston Blumenthal‘s feasts?’ To which i quickly reply, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Then comes the discussion of pies, Victorian or not!? At this rate we’ll be phoning for some take away pizzas to serve up to our mouth watering audience ..

… and so the quest goes on