The end!

We’ve reached the end of Takeover day at Abbot Hall, all 20 blog posts are now online, a big thanks to Reece, Finley, Judah, Leo, Zoe, Harriet, Neve, Kofi, Samuel, Thomas, Reece, Charlie, Aaron, Molly, Zara, Samuel, Connor, Jessica, Erin and Abbie our budding bloggers, and to all of the staff and parents who helped today.


Trou Madame Table by Gillows of Lancaster

By Zoe Dempsey

I like this object because it is interesting. I like it because it is something that you don’t use now. I didn’t like this because I can’t read the numbers. I didn’t like it because it is too hard to play. It was made in the 1700’s. It was made after the romans but it still has roman numbers. I also liked it because the roman numbers are fancy.

Hughie O’Donoghue

By Harriet Hunter

This painting is a bold colours painting with red and black, blue and cream. The marks represent a person. An adventurous painting looking like a explorer swinging from branch to branch in a sunset. I like this painting because its fearful and cool with the moves. I don’t like this painting because its got red in. I disagree with it existing in the painting. I don’t like the painting at all mostly at all.